2 thoughts on “Pusong Filipinx the Market

  1. Hi there, what exactly will be offered at this? Is it a pop up market or a permanent store? Will there be food? Any details you might have is appreciated. Thank you!


    1. Yes! Here is an event description: Join us for the very first Pusong Filipinx market at BoxJelly for a day filled with various Filipinx small businesses and creatives from Oahu. Support small businesses and check out how individuals embrace their Filipinx American identity through their art. Come buy art, make haku lei po’o, get a tarot card reading done, eat Filipino food and learn how to dance traditional Filipino dances! For more information and to see a list of participating vendors, check out our Instagram, @pusongfilipinx.

      Also more info at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pusong-filipinx-the-market-tickets-59034547922?aff=eac2&fbclid=IwAR24AgpwFZ-SC19P-b–yF2V3uxj1te6OHPv7CBLPp4VnBSffn0QmibIrFE


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