DSC_0045.JPGThe Tekniqlingz Dance Crew is what founded Tekniqlingz as a nonprofit organization. It is a program for dedicated and committed volunteers interested in sharing and showcasing the perpetuation of the Filipino culture through dance.    

In the Spring of 2008, the Tekniqlingz came about through the Tinikling Filipino bamboo dance workshops held by the Katipunan Filipino Club of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  They are a traditional and modern Filipino folk dance group which preserves and perpetuates the Filipino American youth culture through creative arts and entertainment. With its foundation based on modernizing traditional Philippine folk dances, the Tekniqlingz are a dance crew which seeks to inspire and influence new innovations to the world of hip-hop and dance.   They have opened for and shared stages with artists such as Filipino American comedians Augie T and Rex Naverette and performers such as Mikey Bustos and Apl. De. Ap.

The Tekniqlingz Traditional and Modern Filipino folk dance program is a year-round consisting of weekly practice sessions and monthly performances.

Please check out our practice session schedule at: https://tekniqlingz.org/practices/ 

Please check out our performance schedule at: https://tekniqlingz.org/upcoming-gigs/

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