Testimonials about booking and hiring the crew 🙂

Yelp review from Julie N.


“I just got married on Valentines day. I did all the planning myself & was looking to incorporate our ethnic cultures. My husband is half filipino so I wanted to do a filipino dance with him but he refused. I somehow came across the Tekniqlingz page on yelp when I was searching for my lion dance. It was perfect, I called & booked Gabe & the Tekniqlingz crew a week before the wedding. They arrived on time and was very professional. Gabe explains everything to our guests & really gets the guests involved. We even got up to dance with them. It was fun & our guests really enjoyed their performance. I loved how they do the traditional & modern hip hop & street dance. Its really different and fun.”

Testimonials about Joining the Crew 🙂
Interested in joining the crew or trying out some “Tekniqs” ?
Please feel free to come on by and check us out!
Please contact us for more info!!! 🙂

Here are some testimonials featuring our very own crew members themselves…
“Once upon my freshman year, I longed to be part of something that could make my college years meaningful. The Tek crew was the only thing that interested me in the list of clubs at UH Manoa. I did some research & loved what I found. Honestly, I was so scared and nervous to meet them that I lied to Gabe about having work that very day. Gathering all my courage, I attended the following week (with CJ). It was intimidating at first, but everyone was so friendly & inviting. As time passed, I found myself falling in love with the crew as a whole. Not only did they teach me about my heritage & how to dance; they supported me & inspired me in so much that I didn’t see them as a crew anymore, it felt like family. I literally went from being a fan to being part of the fam! I want everyone to know that taking risks can make a huge difference in your life; without it, I wouldn’t have met these wonderful people. &Now, I get to help them inspire others, just as they had done for me.”
– Jessica Mae”Zilla” Tagalicud, Student, UH Manoa

“Prior to becoming a “Tek” myself, I honestly thought that I wouldn’t commit. But now, I’ve come to the conclusion that this group was a blessing in disguise. I love coming to practices (no matter how lazy I am) not only to see friends, but also experience a sense of my culture outside of the classroom; to really be part of it. Being a military brat all my life, I never got to be as close to my roots as much as I am now. Sure, being in a Filipino class teaches me about the culture, but to experience it is a whole other story. And it’s not even about the culture. Tekniqlingz has taught me time management, networking, as well as polishing up my social skills. I will admit that there are times when it seems like the idea of quitting is the best option, but at the end of the day, no matter how tired I get, no matter how many mistakes I make, no matter how sore I feel – I’m glad I stayed. I love you guys. :)”
– Victoria Louise “The Key” Estira, BA ’12, Sociology, UH Manoa
Former UH Katipunan member, Filipino & Philippine language and literature student, UH Manoa Spring 2010 to Fall 2011

“Joining the crew has helped me interact with more people as well as make a connection to my native culture. If it weren’t for this crew I would not have met most of the people in the Katipunan. I joined because I wanted to learn more about my culture and more dances, but I stayed because of the friends and ‘family’ I made throughout my time in the crew and as an unofficial member of the Katipunan. This is my anti-drug.”
– Joshua “Unggoy/Young Blood” Javier, Trainee Electrician at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
Former UH Katipunan member, Filipino & Philippine language and literature student, UH Manoa Fall 2010 to Fall 2011

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