Founded in the Spring of 2008 and incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Fall of 2016, the Tekniqlingz came about through the Tinikling Filipino bamboo dance workshops held by the Katipunan Filipino Club of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  They operate as a traditional and modern Filipino folk dance program which preserves and perpetuates the Filipino American youth culture through creative arts and entertainment. With its foundation based on modernizing traditional Philippine folk dances, the Tekniqlingz is an organization which seeks to inspire and influence new innovations to the world of hip-hop and dance.   As a dance crew, they have opened for and shared stages with artists such as Filipino American comedians Augie T and Rex Naverette and performers such as Mikey Bustos and Apl. De. Ap.

History & Milestones:

*Established on Saturday, February 9.  First Tek Workshop held at UH Manoa via UH Manoa Katipunan Club.
*Official debut of the “Tekniqlingz” at UH Katipunan Spring Dramafest 2008 event.
*1st place in group category for Fall 2008 UH Manoa Talent Show.

*Affiliation with Honolulu Filipino Jaycees.
*Introduced Jericah Baxa as 1st official “on-call” performer as a Singer.
*Won 3rd Place in both solo (Jericah) and group category at Fall 2009 UH Manoa Talent Show.

*TV appearance on local show “Entertain Me” aired on KHON2.
*Introduced Honolulu Filipino Jaycees 2010 President Angel Lewis 1st official crew Emcee.
*Official affiliation and collaboration with HPU Kababayan Filipino American Student Association after performing at HPU Intercultural Day 2010.  1st place in performance.

*Participated first time at HPU’s Talent Show “Da Freakshow.”
*1st place again at HPU Intercultural Day 2011.
*1st place at Aloha State Games FACE the Music Dance Contest.
*5th Hawaii International Young Artist Festival – Fish Award.

*8th Hawaii International Young Artist Festival – Star Award
*3rd place at HPU Intercultural Day 2012.

*9th Hawaii International Young Artist Festival – Star Award, City and County of Honolulu recognition
*ACM Spring 2013 Showcase – The Imagine Award, “Tekniqlingz: Modern Day Tinikling” directed by Ajax Maharlika
*RAW Natural Born Artists RAWards Director’s Highlight for 2013
*2nd Place in group category for Fall 2013 UH Manoa’s Got Talent Show.

*10th Hawaii International Young Artist Festival – Best Organizer Award, City and County of Honolulu recognition
*45th Maui Barrio Fiesta: Certificate of Appreciation (First inter/outer-island performance)

*11th Hawaii International Young Artist Festival – Best Organizer Award, City and County of Honolulu recognition
*2015 Kalayaan International Entertainer Award

*12th Hawaii International Young Artist Festival – Top Achievement Award for the Arts, City and County of Honolulu recognition
*Incorporated as a domestic nonprofit corporation, December 2016

*Officially established as a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization

*Celebrating 10 years as a dance crew and 1 year as a nonprofit!

Tekniqlingz Dance Members Over the Years:

Tek 1st Generation (2008-2009)
1) Gabe “JollibeeKid” 2) Maika “Squide” 3) Riva “Reeves” 4) Karen “Kar” 5) Randy 6) Zal 7) Evette “Evee” 8) LeeAnn 9) Janelle 10) Margie 11) Jodel 12) Jackie 13) Dave 14) Lorie

Tek 2nd Generation (2009-2010)
1) Josh “YoungBlood/Unggoy/etc.” 2) Heide “HD” 3) Gilbert “Gbert” 4) Louise “The Key” 5) Armand “Mondo” 6) Jericah 7) Niccolo “Nico/The Ride/Transporter” 8) Candace “Kahn”  9) Marinette “M-Net” 10) Lowella “Mini Mouse/Lo” 11) Ronelyene “RoRo” 12) Chris “Chino Dolla” 13) Nuelle “Tiny/Blackberry/Ziplock/” 14) Sonya “Blade” 15) Chris “Bizcit” 16) Kristian “Manny” 17) Ariel “Mermaid/Siren” 18) Erika “Lidz” 19) Luigi “Weeege Daddy”
Emcee: Angel “Mama”

Tek 3rd Generation (2010-2011)
1) Rencar 2) Shelby “Kamikaze” 3) Tiffany-Nicole “Nikki” 4) Ryan “Hello Kitty” 5) Don “DnB” 6) Allen
Emcee: Agaton “Ton Ton”

Tek 4th Generation (2011-2012)
1) Stan “Shane Smith”  2) Jaimie 3) Jessica “Mae Zilla” 4) Charles aka C.J “Piggy Piggy Onk Onk Pumba”

Tek 5th Generation (2012-2013)
1) Ryan “Tricky” 2) Juvie “The Juvmeister/Juvinator” 3) Rachelle “Chelley” 4) Kleiff “Gorilla/Machin Gun Titties” 5) Joen “No Dubb/DM/etc.” Nalundasan 6) Kristin “Lil Fiyacracka”

Tek 6th Generation (2013-2014)
1) Nichelle “Neeshkah” 2) Kimmy 3) Christian “Krispy 808”

Tek 7th Generation (2014-2015)
1) Jeff “Giraffery” 2) Martin “Marty McFly” 3) Nicolle “Coco” 4) July

Tek 8th Generation (2015-2016)
1) Marion “Dr. Ancheta” 2) Miechol “Bra Dis Guy”

Tek 9th Generation (2016-2017)
1) Geri

Tek 10th Generation (2017-2018)

Tekniqlingz Youth Generation

1) Jayden Vea De Vera 2) Jianna Vea De Vera 3) Harlan Hiranaka 4) Lily 5) Ezekiel 

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